High power white LEDlightingSince entering the urban and rural road lighting application productsmarketUp to now, has a history of 6 years, with the globalization“Energy conservation and emissions reduction, low carbon economy”Trend, and the full support of the policy of our country, the local government has attached great importance to the application of LED street light, LED road lighting lamps and lanterns USES have more market opportunities, and the more and more domestic lighting manufacturers and photoelectric products companies are also a variety of products to market, time across the country road lighting of LED, lively abnormalities.

  However,designApplication, and the domestic current real LED street lamp has made good use effect and the expected economic benefitsproject,But very few, almost no one could even say that users satisfied with the product application effect to achieve, and there is a research and development manufacturing factory or lighting engineering company on LED products have good market performance and economic benefit, and the local street lamp management because blind department mature LED street light products, high maintenance cost, resulting in serious resistance, makes the high power LED street light there is no way to really form a healthy development of the market, is still“Failed to sell”State, and even hit industry many enterprises and the confidence of the practitioners.

  The causes of the formation of the above phenomenon, in addition to the economic cost factors, the main or the overall quality and reliability of the product use effect is not good, maintain the replacement cost is high, even affects the engineering image, make a lot of economic ability are also willing to promote the use of new products customers, have a feeling cheated, so as to lose faith in LED lighting products, from support to resist, eventually give up. , reasons of the poor quality and reliability of products mainly include the following:

  1, most of the LED street lamp manufacturers is not engaged in the research the photoelectric products professional enterprise but extend from traditional lighting industry transformation, and the two products from performance to application has essential difference, but the factory did not master the law of products do not accord with the characteristics of LED optoelectronic products, waste of resources and products was badly damaged;

  2, affecting the service life of LED light source and the damage rate of the fundamental problem - the heat dissipation and make balance not well solved, or the solution structure of mechanical stress on cooling, while ignoring the many LED characteristic itself;

  3, for the LED light source of the optical properties used simple ideas, make final street lamp products difficult to conform to the road lighting is the most basic of intensity of illumination and with degree requirements, brings to the consumer and the street lamp management problems.


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